New Talents


The new generation of Italian fashion talents are showing their collections during Milano Moda Donna.
The talents presented have succeeded in the arduous task of emerging, of becoming appreciated, recognized and desired. Their personal profiles illustrate how it's possible make one's dreams come true through hard work, dedication, a pinch of recklessness and the odd stroke of luck. They are now fashion protagonists embodying the dream that Milan represents in the eyes of the world.

Alberto Zambelli

"I see myself as an explorer in continual evolution. In every collection I like to tell a story about different cultures that attract and contaminate one another."


"I'm truly honoured to have been chosen by Giorgio Armani to present my new collection in his prestigious Milan theatre."

Au Jour Le Jour

"Colours, shapes, embroidery, inlays, prints. we love mixing different elements and inspirations to get our "chic & fun" message across, where sartorial quality works with the more relaxed and playful spirit of contemporary style."

Chicca Lualdi

"Sobriety as an expression of creativity whose purpose is not to astonish but to build on the aesthetic worth of simple elements in a perfect balance of taste and quality."

Christian Pellizzari

"I like to describe my style as a continuous contamination."


"Fashion to us means passion , instinct and Made in Italy! We love to think about a woman who can create a look that represents herself through our mix of fabrics, materials and colours, in order to create the real CO | TE style."

Cristiano Burani

"Experimentation is at the heart of my designs. I want to express a new contemporary lifestyle that grows out of my study of forms and materials. I'm constantly searching for balance and harmony of proportions through geometrical elements, as an expression of a new femininity."

Fatima Val

"Fashion is a method of self-study and self-improvement as well as a whole new world of emotions, a world of erotica."

Fausto Puglisi

"My collections are a tribute to genuine “Italianity”, that of workshops and artisans, craftsmanship and passion, fabrics and their uniqueness, and a focus on beauty at all costs."

Gabriele Colangelo

"I've always been attracted by the experimental possibilities that fashion design offer for creating new surfaces, using both the most traditional methods of Italian weaving and the best of avant-garde technology: making me a sort of time traveller on the look out for new discoveries."


"In my collections I love to merge philosophy and art, elaborate detailing and impeccable craftsmanship."


"Our collection is defined by its emphasis on innovative materials. Another key element, becomes! our hallmark, is colour in combination with prints. You can see this mix of textures, colours and prints applied to 3-dimensional forms in which new volumes and solutions reflect our commitment."

Marco De Vincenzo

"For me, fashion is play, courage, respect for the past and projection into the future."


"I like the wider, dictionary meaning of the word fashion. For me, fashion is what it's always been, only it's now even more so: custom, community, membership. It's wanting to be part of a group, whether to stand out from or merge into it."

San Andres

"My garments come into being when I have a piece of fabric in my hand and I start putting it on the mannequin...bit by bit, with pins and scissors, they take shape, while the details and finishes make the difference."

Stella Jean

"Rather than a designer in the classic sense I see myself as a storyteller: my collections aspire to be narrative acts, to be listened to and not just looked at."

Uma Wang

"My fashion is the product of emotions, sentiments, impressions, travels and the people I meet, but also of the fabrics and materials I work with. Anything that involves me may give me useful ideas."


"I thank Giorgio Armani for his support and the opportunity he has given me by inviting me to present my new collection at the Armani/Teatro. It’s not only an honour but an incredible, a unique opportunity for a young designer like me to express my creativity on a runway so charged with emotion."